What is the Use of Disposable Transparent Plastic Gloves?

Jun. 16, 2021

As a Comfortable Vinyl Gloves Supplier, share with you. Do you own disposable transparent plastic gloves? The spicy crayfish on the table is thirteen-flavored. Here is a plate of vegetable salad that hasn't been mixed yet. After eating the cooked duck neck, remember to clean up the kitchen. It is very oily. Dye your loved ones’ hair and worry about getting it all over. Toner. What else needs to be cleaned up? With disposable transparent plastic gloves, you are not afraid of oil stains or dyes, so you can easily deal with it.

Comfortable Vinyl Gloves

Comfortable Vinyl Gloves

1. Brand-new PE material, high transparent bottom, rejects yellow and black recycled materials, thickened and lengthened, not easy to break, shiny, non-toxic and tasteless, safe to use.

2. The surface is embossed with pitted particles, non-slip and non-slip, easy to grasp, good quality requires peace of mind and satisfaction to see it.

3. Strong and durable, drip-proof, seamless edge pressing, no drawing and no seam, tough and durable, good horizontal and vertical stretch, higher than the industry standard.

Fourth, the second layer of skin on the fiber hand is smooth and not frizzy. Wearing it is flexible and easy to wear and take off. It protects our hands well.

Wearing disposable clear plastic gloves can do many things:

1. Food processing: no longer let your hands get oily, you can grab it without worry.

2. Wash the ingredients: Avoid contact with water, and protect your hands from frizz.

3. Housework cleaning: hide dirt in the corners of the house and effectively isolate stains.

4. Hand beauty and nail care: Wear it, like a good partner, helping you to have a pair of beautiful hands.

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